Smog Check San Jose
Smog Hut Star Station provides vehicles Inspection in San Jose, CA 95112

What is Smog Test?

Smog test is a test of a vehicle and its engine whose goal is to protect the health of the public and to protect the environment from its dangerous pollution.

These tests are regulated by E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency) of U.S.A.  A smog test

should be done when your vehicle is sold or you buy a vehicle for the first time in California.

In California, it is mandatory to have a smog test once in two years or once in a year of the vehicles which are older than six model year and are tagged as a high polluting vehicle. If you do not follow this law, then you cannot drive your car legally in the state.

How Smog Test Performs?

The technician attaches its measuring equipment’s with the vehicle and starts testing. After the testing, results are available immediately to the agency who is responsible for monitoring smog and vehicle emissions. Then the technician gives you a copy of the results, whether pass or fails which is called Smog Certificate and the receipt of payment with it.

Auto Tags Station in San Jose City, California 95112 (408)-451-7000

If your vehicle passes the smog test, then you can legally drive anywhere in California until the next test of your vehicle. But if your vehicle fails the smog test, then you will receive all the instructions of what needs to be prepared. There are some station that performs smog test & repair too, however, Smog Hut Star Station only performs Smog tests and then provide you Smog Certificate.

How to Pass the Smog Test?

  • Fix your car if it is not running properly.
  • Drive your cake at highway speed for two weeks before the smog test.
  • Change the oil in your car if needed.
  • Check the cooling level of the engine.
  • Check if the tires are inflated properly.
  • Full the tank before the smog test.
  • Get pre-inspection done to save money.
  • Drive your car for 15 minutes before testing.
  • Avoid taking your car for testing on a rainy day.


Smog Hut Star Station San Jose
1394 N4th St #3, San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 451-7000

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